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WOLF – “Wildly stirring performances meet a depthless script”

THE POWER OF THE DOG – “Impressively detailed, impeccably acted, and intricately layered”

HOUSE OF GUCCI – “Sometimes odd, often campy, always captivating”

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY – “The lifeless script hampers a would-be creepy actioner”

ENCANTO – “An enchanting animated feast for the whole family”

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE – “A proton stream of crowd-pleasing nostalgia”

KING RICHARD – “A winning biographical sports drama through and through”

TICK, TICK… BOOM! – “An impassioned love letter to creative artists everywhere”

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG – “Isn’t a complete doggone travesty”

RED NOTICE – “The epitome of big dumb fun”

HOME SWEET HOME ALONE – “They should have left it alone”

ETERNALS – “An eclectic and elegant superhero experience”

SPENCER – “A moody gothic drama with the surprise performance of the year”

FINCH – “Tom Hanks + a robot and a dog = sentimental entertainment”

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO – “Quite the stylishly hypnotic horror”

ARMY OF THIEVES – “An energetic caper with plenty of heart”

DUNE – “Visually stunning and narratively challenging in the best ways possible”

THE HARDER THEY FALL – “A sizzling Western actioner with flare to spare”

RON’S GONE WRONG – “The right mix of humour, heart and feelgood fun”

HALLOWEEN KILLS – “Brutal and graphic gore leads to slasher heaven”

THE LAST DUEL – “A cold and calculating medieval #MeToo drama”

MASS – “A conversational and confrontational masterclass in reconciliation”

NO TIME TO DIE – “Serves as a stellar send-off for Craig, Daniel Craig”

MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION – “A short and sweet spooktacular good time”

VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE – “They’ve doubled down on the silly madness”

THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK – “Does saintly service to Sopranos fans”

THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2 – “More of the same oddball shenanigans”

TITANE – “A transgressive orgy of madness”

THE GUILTY – “A stripped down, bare knuckle serving of suspense”

DEAR EVAN HANSEN – “A rather cringey spectacle”

THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE – “Jessica Chastain’s heavenly Oscar bait”

COP SHOP – “Old school pulp with contemporary action”

AFTER WE FELL – “As laughable as it is lustful”

KATE – “A patchwork of concepts and styles from other, better movies”

THE CARD COUNTER – “A cerebral royal flush”

SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS – “Pulsating with energy and excitement”

MOGUL MOWGLI – “A vivid inspection of art, ambition, and the multi-generational immigrant experience”

CANDYMAN – “Sweet on mythology, social themes, and a whole lotta terror”

VACATION FRIENDS – “Fizzles out at the mildly amusing mark”

REMINISCENCE – “An ambitious genre hodgepodge with mostly interesting results”

PAW PATROL: THE MOVIE – “The most surprisingly meaningful movie of the Summer”

THE PROTEGE – “Another in a long line of average action offerings”

FREE GUY – “Absurdly fun”

NINE DAYS – “Perhaps as poignant as it gets on film”

MEAT ME HALFWAY – “Insightful food for thought”

THE SUICIDE SQUAD – “Unabashedly brazen and gloriously gruesome”

VAL – “An intimately raw look at a true acting great”

JUNGLE CRUISE – “An enjoyable excursion full of good old-fashioned action/adventure fun”

THE GREEN KNIGHT – “A slow burn medieval masterwork”

SNAKE EYES – “The slick production can’t overcome the uninspired origin story”




$27 million



Ghostbusters: Afterlife
$24.5 million



House of Gucci
$14.23 million



$7.9 million