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GOOD BOYS – “Has as much heart as it does F-bombs”

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT – “An inspirational crowd pleaser”

WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE – “A quirky character study”

SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK – “Chock-full of fun gateway horror frights”

THE KITCHEN – “A majorly undercooked crime drama”

DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD – “Sweet, silly and self-aware”

FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW – “Perhaps the epitome of rock ‘em sock ‘em cinema”

MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY – “Delivers superb fight sequences in grand style”

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – “Exudes quality, craftsmanship and all around coolness”

THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE – “Napoleon Dynamite meets Fight Club”

FREE TRIP TO EGYPT – “Is well worth the emotional round trip”

THE LION KING – “Doesn’t dethrone the original, but is enjoyable nonetheless”

STUBER – “While not a 5 star ride, it’ll get you where you wanna go”

CRAWL – “Surfaces as a surprisingly tension filled chomping good time”

MIDSOMMAR – “The most unsettling viewing experience you’ll have all year”

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME – “Will have your ‘spider-sense’ tingling with excitement”

YESTERDAY – “An irresistibly charming musical journey”

ANNABELLE COMES HOME – “Delivers decent scares on a shockingly simple setup”

TOY STORY 4 – “A near perfect blend of humour, imagination, and heart”

CHILD’S PLAY – “Still has the makings of one killer doll”

ANNA – “In a word: bleak”

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL – “A fairly fun franchise refresh”

SHAFT – “Still a bad mother f***cker, with emphasis on the bad!”

LATE NIGHT – “The witty women-led comedy we need right now”

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX – “The mutant-sized disappointment we feared”

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 – “An equally fun (and fluffy) follow-up”

ROCKETMAN – “Has all the pomp & pageantry worthy of an Elton John bio-pic”


MA – “Is wildly fun… while the party lasts”

ALADDIN – “Will have you wishing for a little more magic”

BRIGHTBURN – “Mostly delivers on its devilishly clever premise”

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM – “A blitzkrieg of action personified”

THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR – “Fails to burn as brightly as others in its genre”


THE HUSTLE – “Definitely has the ‘rotten’ part down”

POMS – “A hackneyed senior citizen cheerleading movie with pep”

LONG SHOT- “Equal parts sweet and raunchy”

THE INTRUDER – “An uninspired thriller that has its moments”

UGLYDOLLS – “(Toy Story + Trolls) – (All charm) x (A generic script)”

AVENGERS: ENDGAME – “Epic in every which way!”

TEEN SPIRIT – “Tells a familiar story in a fresh light”

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA – “Can’t fully break the curse of a lacking script”

DISNEYNATURE: PENGUINS – “The most adorable movie you’ll see all year”

HELLBOY – “Somewhere between ‘hell yeah’ and ‘oh hell no’ status”

MISSING LINK – “Exquisitely crafted and effortlessly delightful”

LITTLE – “Delivers big lessons, but little laughs”

SHAZAM! – “A lightning bolt of wondrous entertainment”

PET SEMATARY – “Needed to unbury a few more genuine scares”

DUMBO – “As sweet and harmless as a big-eared baby elephant”

HOTEL MUMBAI – “A merciless re-telling of a true to life mass murder”

GLORIA BELL – “Julianne Moore’s glorious dance party”

US – “Needs to be seen to be f’n believed”

THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT – “Tells an intriguing tale, even if not based on true events”

CAPTIVE STATE – “Is sometimes frustrating, but always captivating”

FIVE FEET APART- “An effective ‘terminal teen’ tear-jerker”

CAPTAIN MARVEL – “A marvel of a Marvel movie”

A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL – “Here’s hoping it’s the final nail in the Madea franchise coffin “

GRETA – “Evolves into some bonkers level fun – if you let it”

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD – “A satisfying fire-breathing finale”

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U – “Full of the same silly sci-fi slasher fun”

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC – “A meta Rom-Com about clichéd Rom-Coms makes for a decent Rom-Com”

ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL – “A nice enough looking sci-fi film with too much story to tell”

WHAT MEN WANT – “Likely not what moviegoers want”

COLD PURSUIT – “An impressive snow covered revenge thriller with biting dark comedy”

THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART – “Legos go post apocalyptic in a hyper fun sequel”

MISS BALA – “Rodriguez impresses in an actioner that could use more bite”

WONDERS OF THE SEA 3D – “Mixes stunningly gorgeous visuals with exceedingly corny narration”

SERENITY – “Isn’t what you think it is – it’s worse”

STAN AND OLLIE – “A worthy on-screen salute”

GLASS – “Always interesting – despite having more than a few cracks”

JONATHAN – “A compelling Black Mirror-esque sci-fi drama”

REPLICAS – “Ludicrous in every which way – and not the good kind”

THE UPSIDE – “A fairly cliched odd couple dramedy that mostly works”

ESCAPE ROOM – “There’s no escaping its PG horror fun”

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK – “Oozes quality in nearly every way”

VICE – “Darkly funny and oh so entertaining”

WELCOME TO MARWEN – “Doesn’t work as well as it thinks it does”

MARY POPPINS RETURNS – “A more than welcome return”

BUMBLEBEE – “Like a sugary bowl of retro Saturday morning cartoon cereal”

AQUAMAN – “Delivers a tidal wave of fun action”

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE – “Spins out a must see spectacle”

MORTAL ENGINES – “A sub-par Mad Max for the YA crowd”

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL – “A highly entertaining cash grab”

ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE – “A bonkers multi-genre mash up with blood spurts to spare”

LOVE JACKED – “A rom-com with little rom and zero com”


GREEN BOOK – “A ride-along / buddy period piece that’s well worth the trip”

CREED II – “A near perfect knockout of a sequel”

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET – “Imagination overload!”

ROBIN HOOD- “Fails to fully ignite a meaningful reboot”

FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD – “A fantastically bloated beast of a movie”

INSTANT FAMILY – “Its heart is definitely in the right place”

WIDOWS – “A damn good gritty heist thriller”

THE GRINCH – “An exceedingly fun update on a Christmas classic”

THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB – “Stuck in a web of mediocrity”

THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS – “Magical visuals in an empty fantasy”

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – “It will, it will rock you (stomp stomp clap)!”

JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN – “A lazy threequel in an inexplicable franchise”

HUNTER KILLER – “So-so submarine suspense”

HALLOWEEN – “A modern day slasher-piece”




Good Boys
$21 million



The Lion King
$11.9 million

BW Flaming Thumb


The Angry Birds Movie 2
$10.5 million