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INSIDE OUT 2 – “An intellectually creative sequel firing on all synapses”

BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE – “The signature sun-kissed action/comedy still works”

THE WATCHERS – “Great premise – poor payoff”

IN A VIOLENT NATURE – “Offers a bloody (and extra brutal) new twist on the tired slasher premise”

EZRA – “An earnest family drama greatly elevated by heartfelt performances”

FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA – “More narrative depth, same gloriously revved up action”

HIT MAN – “The dark comedy and riveting thrills hit their target (and then some)”

IF – “Sugary sweet whimsy that’s desperate to make you cry”

THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 – “In a word: unnecessary”

KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – “An exciting and surprisingly soulful fresh start for the franchise”

FORCE OF NATURE: THE DRY 2 – “Another winning dose of simmering suspense and tension”

THE FALL GUY – “A true rollicking blockbuster with lots to cheer about”

TAROT – “It would appear an adequate horror movie was not in the cards”

CHALLENGERS – “A sweaty and pulsating psychosexual sports drama through and through”

BOY KILLS WORLD – “The Hunger Games mixed with Mortal Kombat, with a side of John Wick”

HUMANE – “Darkly funny and oh-so compelling”

ABIGAIL – “A blood and guts crowd pleaser with comedic bite to boot”

THE BEAST – “Boldly ambitious, occasionally frustrating, yet always mesmerising”

CIVIL WAR – “An intensely harrowing and unflinchingly tense viewing experience”

WICKED LITTLE LETTERS – “Is full of frothy, silly, and profane fun”

THE FIRST OMEN – “One Hell of a hypnotic horror show”

MONKEY MAN – “Pulsates with hard hitting action and tangible electricity”

GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE – “Delivers highly entertaining monster-sized mass destruction”

GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE – “The nostalgia baits work – the frostbitten plot, not so much”

IMMACULATE – “Slow-burn religious horror with one Hell of a finish”

LOVE LIES BLEEDING – “A slice of grimy pulp with a large helping of WTF”

IRISH WISH – “Is just as predictably silly (and green-infused) as you think it’s going to be”

IMAGINARY – “Starts as silly scary fun but devolves into overstuffed nonsense”

DAMSEL – “Has just 2 things going for it: a feisty Millie Bobby Brown and a pretty cool dragon”

DUNE: PART TWO – “An explosive and expansive epic in every way”

CODE 8: PART II – “Another example of Lo-fi Sci-fi done right”

DRIVE-AWAY DOLLS – “Delivers campy and quirky pulp in spades”

ORDINARY ANGELS – “A heavenly piece of heartwarming entertainment”

MADAME WEB – “Spins out a web of unintentional laughs”

LAND OF BAD – “A tried-and-true tactical military actioner”

LISA FRANKENSTEIN – “Takes franken-sized risks that (mostly) pay off in garishly fun ways”

FLOAT – “A shallow romance drama that does little more than tread water”

ARGYLLE – “Cheeky, dumb, and mildly fun”

ORION AND THE DARK – “An existential animated gem”

BADLAND HUNTERS – “Offers plenty of stylized action to keep the momentum at a fever pitch”

MILLER’S GIRL – “Disappointingly vapid and toothless”

I.S.S – “Delivers so-so outer space suspense”

ORIGIN – “An emotionally dense cinematic essay”

THE BEEKEEPER – “A worthy exercise in over-the-top vengeance”

MEAN GIRLS (2024) – “Is actually pretty fetch”

NIGHT SWIM – “Sadly, this ghoul in the pool flick is tepid at best”

ALL OF US STRANGERS – “A meditative journey in grief, acceptance, and ultimately, heartbreak”

THE IRON CLAW – “Takes hold with a powerfully tragic story and never lets go”

AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM – “Is waterlogged with a disjointed story and more than a few shoddy visuals”

WONKA – “Plays it too safe, but remains a world of pure imagination”




Inside Out 2
$155 million



Bad Boys: Ride of Die
$33 million



The Garfield Movie
$5 million



The Watchers
$3.7 million