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BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM – “Just as hilariously ballsy as he was 14 years ago”

REBECCA – “Quite the plodding journey”

ON THE ROCKS – “Goes down smooth”

CLOUDS – “So much more than your average teen sob story”

THE SECRETS WE KEEP – “An occasionally stirring ‘did he or did he not?’ thriller”

SHITHOUSE – “A surprisingly genuine coming-of-age character study of a fraught college freshman”

THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 – “Makes a great case for film of the year”

HUBIE HALLOWEEN – “Is juvenile and dumb, but has an undeniable charm”

THE WAR WITH GRANDPA – “No matter who wins, the audience loses”

POSSESSOR – “A provocative cerebral meltdown”

THE GLORIAS – “A sprawling biopic made with love”

THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SECOND-BORN ROYALS – “Very much pre-teen X-Men lite”

ENOLA HOLMES – “Full of wonderful whimsy and infectious energy”

THE NEST – “A collection of icy tension, stellar performances, and brooding drama”

THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME – “A seemingly unending tangled web of unpleasant circumstances”

BLACKBIRD – “Sweet and sentimental, but lacks true emotional depth”

AFTER WE COLLIDED – “Very attractive people doing mildly sexy things in an exceedingly terrible movie”

THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY – “Serves as both a familiar and fresh take on the rom-com genre”

MULAN – “Disney’s best live action adaptation yet”

I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS – “Unnerving, bizarre, and enjoyably confounding”

MEASURE FOR MEASURE – “Doesn’t quite measure up”

TENET – “Another must-see mind-bending Nolan spectacle”

BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC – “Bodaciously bonkers and delightfully dimwitted”

THE NEW MUTANTS – “A middling mutant horror story with absolutely nothing to say”

YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE – “The 90’s actor turned pro wrestler redemption story you didn’t know you needed in your life”

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN – “Serves up a fairly large helping of heartfelt family fun”

TESLA – “An unorthodox bit of historical fodder”

UNHINGED – “The right mix of ludicrous and thrilling”

PROJECT POWER – “As electrifying as it is entertaining”

THE SECRET GARDEN – “Fully blossomed”

I USED TO GO HERE – “Has charm in spades”

SHE DIES TOMORROW – “An offbeat existential horror”

RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE – “Lives up to its title”

YES, GOD, YES – “Hits all the right spots”

THE RENTAL – “Makes for one thrilling Airbnb nightmare”

WHITE LIE – “Captivating through and through”

AMULET – “A super slow burn hypnotic horror”

THE SUNLIT NIGHT – “A mostly enjoyable quirky tale of love and art”

FATAL AFFAIR – “Unoriginal, uninspired, and nearly unwatchable”

THE OLD GUARD – “Brings with it a welcome new vision to the superhero genre”

GREYHOUND – “2 words: tense & taut”

GUEST OF HONOUR – “Walks a fine line between captivating and meandering”

HAMILTON – “Oozes bombastic energy “

THE OUTPOST – “A gripping tale of comradeship and chaos”

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA – “A grandiose goofy spectacle with a surprising amount of heart”

IRRESISTIBLE – “Not likely to get many votes for Dramedy of the Year”

YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT – “Passable 90’s level thriller”

MOPE – “As explicitly shocking as you expect it to be”

THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND – “Pete Davidson shines as Pete Davidson”

DA 5 BLOODS – “Is bloody impactful, often literally”




Honest Thief
$3.7 million



The War With Grandpa
$2.501 million



$1.6 million



The Nightmare Before Christmas
$1.323 million



Hocus Pocus
$0.756 million