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ELVIS – “A spectacle fit for a king”

BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO THE UNIVERSE – “Best summed up in 3 words: stupid, horny, hilarious!”

LIGHTYEAR – “Fires on all cylinders”

BRIAN AND CHARLES – “All the quirky British humour you can handle, and then some”

SPIDERHEAD – “An effortlessly entertaining, albeit uneven, sci-fi genre bender”

HUSTLE – “A love letter to basketball that will further your love for Adam Sandler as a dramatic actor”

JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION – “A very big (and very dumb) slice of Summer escapism”

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE – “Unsettling in all the best ways”

INTERCEPTOR – “A cheesy and cheap bit of American patriotism”

TOP GUN: MAVERICK – “Will legit take your breath away”

THE BOB’S BURGERS MOVIE – “Serves up some quirky animated fun for long-time fans and first timers alike”

CHIP ‘N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS – “A delightfully zany mockery of everything and anything”

MEN – “Will wash over you with unsettling precision”

DOWNTON ABBEY: A NEW ERA – “The familiar elegance and frothy fun make for sheer comfort viewing”

FIRESTARTER – “Not a complete dumpster fire, but nowhere near a barn burner”

SNEAKERELLA – “The gender-swapped urban hip-hop rendition of Cinderella surprisingly works”

DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS – “A one-of-a-kind horror-infused superhero adventure”

MEMORY – “In a word: forgettable”

DUAL – “The deadpan humour and unique concepts blend ever so nicely”

THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT – “A massively enjoyable ode to the classics of Nick F’n Cage”

THE NORTHMAN – “An often-bonkers onslaught of Viking vengeance”

THE BAD GUYS – “Oceans 11 for preschoolers”

FATHER STU – “Mark Wahlberg fails to make a heavenly impression in this overall inspirational bio/drama”

FANTASTIC BEASTS: THE SECRETS OF DUMBLEDORE – “Despite a less than magical climax, the dark whimsy is undeniably spellbinding”

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 – “Doubles up on the action, humour, and most importantly, fun”

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE – “A mind-bending assault on the senses”

MORBIUS – “A rather dull-fanged downer”

THE BUBBLE – “Big on star power, but short on laughs”

THE LOST CITY – “Wildly entertaining from start to finish”

THE OUTFIT – “The well-tailored plot and skilled performances make for an extra pleasing fit”

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN – “A wholesome, yet wholly bland remake”

WINDFALL – “A decently taut thriller”

THE ADAM PROJECT – “Effortlessly entertaining with more than a hint of Spielberg-esque sci-fi flair”

TURNING RED – “Full of emotionally intelligent themes and genuine laughs”

The Batman – “The perfect noir nightmare”

FRESH – “Plenty of enthralling delights to chew on”

STUDIO 666 – “A wholly enjoyable bit of self-indulgence”

CYRANO – “Exceptionally pretty filmmaking that’s elevated by strong performances”

UNCHARTED – “Lukewarm action and bland adventure rule the day”

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – “The over-the-top gonzo kills save it from being a complete bloody waste”

BLACKLIGHT – “A by the book Liam Neeson action thriller with little thrills and uninspired action”

DEATH ON THE NILE – “Requires plenty of patience – but it’s worth it”

MARRY ME – “A silly star vehicle for JLO and little else”

JACKASS FOREVER – “An abundance of bodily fluids, full-on crotch shots, and genuine hilarity “

RED ROCKET – “Refreshingly particular and twistedly funny”

THE ICE AGE ADVENTURES OF BUCK WILD – “Sadly not an animated adventure for the ages”

THE FALLOUT – “A delicate and profound exploration of grief”

MUNICH: THE EDGE OF WAR – “Remains wholly captivating despite our historic knowledge”

ZEROS AND ONES – “Confoundingly murky in the most frustrating of ways”

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA: TRANSFORMANIA – “The overly gimmicked plot equals middling amusement”




$30.5 million



Top Gun: Maverick
$30.5 million



Jurassic World: Dominion
$26.44 million



The Black Phone 
$23.7 million



$17.67 million