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RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON – “A plethora of mystical action and adventure to go around”

THE MAURITANIAN – “A wonderfully acted and oh-so captivating political drama”

TOM AND JERRY – “The shenanigans are cranked up high”

THE UNITED STATES VS BILLIE HOLIDAY – “Andra Day is an A-grade revelation – the script, not so much”

MINARI – “Nothing short of a tender achievement in filmmaking”

I CARE A LOT – “One deliciously dark blast from start to finish”

FLORA AND ULYSSES – “Is just nutty enough to work”

JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH – “A powerhouse in every conceivable way”

SAINT MAUD – “A chilling unravelling of unsettling proportions”

LAND – “Amounts to a 1 hour and 29-minute motion postcard”

A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX – “The bizarre reality questioning documentary you want it to be”

MALCOLM AND MARIE – “Emotionally exhausting”

THE LITTLE THINGS – “A more than effective neo-noir thriller”

PALMER – “Plays as a familiar, yet comforting, story of unlikely friendship”

THE DIG – “Unearths a pleasant viewing experience”

OUR FRIEND – “Effectively touching”

THE WHITE TIGER – “Quite the bitingly entertaining journey”

BROTHERS BY BLOOD – “The epitome of stark gangster fare”

SHADOW IN THE CLOUD – “A pulpy period thrill ride”

OUTSIDE THE WIRE – “A mostly worthy bullet-ridden distraction”

ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI – “Slickly produced and poignantly performed”

PIECES OF A WOMAN – “Dispenses palpable heartbreak by the handful”

WONDER WOMAN 1984 – “Much like the 80s, embraces excess – and it works”

SOUL – “An exquisite existential journey”

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN – “The boldest movie of the year”

NEWS OF THE WORLD – “Has enough grit, grace and Tom Hanks to make it a passage worth embarking on”

FATALE – “A b-movie quality guilty pleasure”

MONSTER HUNTER – “Monster-sized mindless action”

THE MIDNIGHT SKY – “A mostly poignant mix of Star Trek level space drama and dystopian arctic thrills”

MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM – “Wonderfully lush and impeccably acted”

MAX CLOUD – “Fun retro video game shenanigans”

SONGBIRD – “The sickly script infected the final product”

THE PROM – “Isn’t an absolute showstopper, but rather a sufficient toe tapper”

SAFETY – “Plays it a little too safe”

LENNOX LEWIS: THE UNTOLD STORY – “A candid ringside seat”

FREAKY – “A gender (and genre) swapping bloody good time”

BLACK BEAR – “Wildly unique and outright entertaining”

SOUND OF METAL – “Deserves to be seen – but mostly heard”

GODMOTHERED – “Bippity Boppity Bland”

BLACK BEAUTY – “The sentimental ‘girl meets horse’ tale you expect it to be”

STARDUST – “Makes the most of a David Bowie movie without David Bowie music”

HILLBILLY ELEGY – “Blatant awards-bait drenched in a mess of a melodrama”

MANK – “An exuberant old-timey Hollywood tale told with sheer precision”

LEGO STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL – “Wookiee-sized fun for the whole family”

THE LAST VERMEER – “Shines brightest when Guy Pearce is on-screen”

FATMAN – “The ambitious concept yields entertaining results”

THE LIFE AHEAD – “Sophia Loren’s fabulously fierce performance makes it a must watch”

AMMONITE – “A sensual showcase for Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan”

THE KID DETECTIVE – “Is low-key one of the most enjoyable movies of the year”

KINDRED – “Delivers some serviceable tension and dread”




$27 million



Ghostbusters: Afterlife
$24.5 million



House of Gucci
$14.23 million



$7.9 million