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VIOLENT NIGHT – “A wildly entertaining yuletide bloodbath”

SPOILER ALERT – “Undeniably sincere and heartfelt”

THE FABELMANS – “Is Steven Spielberg at his most personal – and the result is unsurprisingly glorious”

STRANGE WORLD – “Gets big ups for its progressive depictions and vibrant visuals, not so much its middling plot”

SHE SAID – “No frills, no problem”

DISENCHANTED – “Missing magic alert!”

THE MENU – “The most deliciously unhinged surprise of the year”

BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER – “A poignant and emotional superhero epic filled with wondrous worldbuilding”

FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS – “A goofy, dumb bushel of fun”

ENOLA HOLMES 2 – “A spirited sequel with flair to spare”

MY POLICEMAN – “A sluggish melodrama that’s beautiful to look at”

PREY FOR THE DEVIL – “Predictable with a paltry number of scares”

ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT – “A profound and sobering anti-war epic”

BLACK ADAM – “The bombardment of action sequences yields middling enjoyment”

TICKET TO PARADISE – “It’s predictable, it’s cliched, it’s… kinda comforting”

HALLOWEEN ENDS – “For all its bold risks and tonal shifts, it still has lots to stab… I mean say”

ROSALINE – “A breezy whimsical charmer”

AMSTERDAM – “Is many things, sadly overlong and dull are among them”

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT – “A highly atmospheric throwback treat”

LYLE, LYLE CROCODILE – “Kids will chomp this up”

BROS – “Smart, self-aware, and most importantly, funny”

SMILE – “Will give horror fans plenty to grin about”

BLONDE – “A bold, bleak nightmare put to film”

HOCUS POCUS 2 – “Campy nostalgia is a beautiful thing”

DON’T WORRY DARLING – “1 part Hitchcock, 1 part Stepford Wives, 2 parts nonsense”

BANDIT – “A solid Canadian Catch Me if You Can caper”

THE WOMAN KING – “Epic on so many levels”

MOONAGE DAYREAM – “A dazzling kaleidoscope of musical ecstasy”

CONFESS, FLETCH – “I must confess, Fletch’s return to the screen is a solidly entertaining one”

BARBARIAN – “An unexpected, darkly funny, and downright terrifying thrill-ride”

PINOCCHIO – “My nose would grow if I said this is a worthy remake”

MEDIEVAL – “The brutal action scenes hit hard, while everything else misses”

HONK FOR JESUS. SAVE YOUR SOUL. – “A wholly (and holy) entertaining sendup of the mega church religion”

GIGI & NATE – “Amiable, but ultimately empty”


THE INVITATION – “The bite is sadly quite weak “

ORPHAN: FIRST KILL – “A surprisingly twisted prequel with camp to spare”

BEAST – “When Idris Elba fights a CGI lion, the winner is us”

FALL – “Takes the survival genre to new heights… literally”

BODIES BODIES BODIES – “A smart, sharp and savage whodunit”

BULLET TRAIN – “A high-octane and adrenaline-fueled Summer blockbuster through and through”

PREY – “A splendidly visceral back-to-basics highlight for the Predator franchise”

VENGEANCE – “As offbeat as it is cunning – and that’s a good thing”

DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS – “Cute, funny, furry fun for the whole family”

NOPE – “A Jordon Peele horror movie mashed up with a Steven Spielberg sci-fi film”

THE GRAY MAN – “A slickly stylish retread”

WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING – “Undeniably compelling but ultimately unconvincing”

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON – “The most adorably sweet movie you’ll see all year”

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER – “A Godly amount of Bonkers fun”

THE SEA BEAST – “Brimming with gorgeous animation, thrilling adventure, and wonderful characters”






Violent Night
$13.3 million



Strange World
$4.92 million



The Menu
$3.56 million



$2.8 million